Programme and Key note speaker

Special Issue Financial Accountability & Management 

Virtual Workshop

9th February 2023 
h. 9,00-17,00 CET

9th February 2023

To connect:

9.00 Connect to the workshop

9.30 Welcome 

Prof. Adele Caldarelli Director of the Department of Economics, Management, Institutions

Prof. Ileana Steccolini University of Essex and Bologna, Editor FAM 

Prof. Francesca Manes Rossi University of Study of Naples, Federico II, Host of the event

10.00 Key note speech 

Prof. Jan Bebbington: "The SDGs at the half way stage: promise and distance still to travel"

11.00 Virtual break

11.10 Session 1Reflections on SDGs challenges - Chair Prof. Francesca Manes Rossi

"Sustainable and possible? Multiple values and competing logics in SDG accounting in local government" - Sinervo L.M., Vikstedt E., Luhtala M., Trunova O., Laihonen H.

"Do SDGs matter to universities? An empirical analysis" - Puntillo P., Veltri S., Fragomeli R.

"The practical role of accounting for Sustainable Development Goals: to satisfy social and moral obligations" - Caruana J., Dabbicco G.

"SDG-related Website Disclosure: evidence from Portuguese municipalities" -  Monteiro S., Ribeiro V.

"Translation of SDGs in Saudi Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study" -  Alhanaya I.

12:50 Bring your food! Virtual lunch & chat

13.40 Session 2Implementing SDGsChair Prof. Sandra Cohen

"ESG disclosure as a relational process. A case study" - Spanò R., Allini A., Ferri L., Maffei M..

"Local government enterprises climate action: An exploration of New Zealand container seaports climate-related disclosure practices" -  Redmaynea N.B., Laswada F., Ehalaiyea D., Moses Y.

"A structured literature review on sustainability reporting by local governments" - Mol A., van Schie V., Budding T.

"Sustainability Studies in Public Healthcare" -  Guven Uslu P., Amoah E., Motoki F.

15.00 Virtual break

15:15 Session 3 - SDGs to promote changes in public administrationsChair Prof. Eugenio Caperchione

"Translating fundamental changes - becoming a sustainable public administration (and society) - with a bureaucratic logic - does this work?" - Hermann P., Maske M., Hirsch B.

"The construction of climate accounts in public accounting systems" - Raeni R.

"Promoting effective interorganizational performance management and measurement. The role of boundary objects in public policy networks" -  Papi L., Gagliardo D., Bracci E., Bigoni M., Gobbo G.

"The Environmental Reporting and Disclosure in Public Sector Organizations: The Review of Literature for the Future Paths of Research" -  Vinciguerra R., Pizzo M., Lombardi R., Cappellieri F.

16.40 Wrap up and conclusions - Prof. Isabel Brusca

Key note speaker

Prof. Jan Bebbington is the Director of the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business

Jan focuses on research that emerges at the intersection of sustainable development concerns and organisational operations. As an accounting scholar she focuses on the use of accounting technologies to create organisational control as well as reporting activities that might discharge accountability relationships. Her work includes a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals; how reporting norms emerge and carbon disclosure.

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